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Board of Directors

My name is Farouk Bagoudou, President of Educare Benin.

I strongly believe in the power of an educated man in our society. That is why the development of education in BENIN is the main goal my team and I focus on. It is an important subject to care about in order to have educated youth tomorrow. My dream is to see my country with fewer rates of illiteracy years from now.   


 I have a Finance background; an entrepreneur spirit and I have a strong passion in serving and helping people in need. I would like to invite you to join and support our projects by donating and volunteering in our organization.

My name is Abdou Walis Aboumon, Vice-President and Secretary of EduCare Benin. Noone should be left alone without education in Benin. It is really imperative for a child to get the right education he or she deserves. Those are my beliefs and the reasons why EduCare Benin exists today.


My team and I want to improve and help Benin’s government in its free schooling program. I graduated in 2013 from Drexel University with a degree in Management Information System and I work as Application Support Analyst. I am putting all my skills in use for the well being of the organization.

Finance Department

Communication Department

Project Management


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