Our Partners

Our key partners provide us with generous financial and organizational support to help us in our day to day activities. With this type of support, we are able to fulfill our vision and mission while maintaining exceptionally low administrative costs. These organizations we partner with demonstrated support and also raise awareness of our mission and help further our goal of providing the gift of education to children in Benin. For more information on how to become a partner, please Contact Us and inquire about Partnership Opportunities.


C.A.R.M.E.S. is a secure savings magnetic card that lets you achieve from your phone's various operations. It allows easy access to financial services with a layer of the population excluded from the formal financial system, but familiar to mobile phone use.

D’IYANU is a ready-to-wear bold print clothing line offering quality, trendy African inspired fashion at affordable prices. They are our main contributor and has been helping us since 2017. We are really grateful for their gestures every year. This year, they donated up to half of the total collected.


Krys Prod is a video production company based in Calavi, Benin. They are specialized in the making of music video, documentaries and many more. They are really present in the audiovisual field for several years now and made their evidence. The structure has supported our organization since its inception to these days with the media coverage of our trips in our sites where we operate.