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Volunteers make the difference in the lives of all the children and families that benefit from our programs – visiting the students in schools, supporting events, hosting, listening or by simply being there and helping out in any way they can. On behalf of the our children and families we helped so far, we say, ‘thanks’ and invite you to find your own volunteer opportunity.

Your Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

An even easier way for you to help support EduCare Benin is to start sharing our actions on social medias and around your community. Little by little, it adds up and can mean a lot.

Our volunteers in Benin

Our Volunteers in the US

Your input really matters and you can do it from wherever you are. 

We are looking for determined and passionate people who are commited to our cause to spread awareness around them so we can change education in Benin.

Opportunities for volunteering

If there is anything you are good at, we still need your help! There's no age minimum in the fight for justice. Here are some ways you can learn about and support educational equity.

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