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Standing Up for our Girls!

It is no secret that girls’ education is almost nonexistent in most part of the world; it is looked as a privilege and not a necessity. Statistics shows that more than 62 million girls do not have the most basic education. But here at EduCare Benin we do not agree.

This is why we have been working hard to give every child of our land a fighting chance. A chance to learn, dream and turning those dreams into reality. It is a fight that we cannot fight on our own, which is the reason we rejoiced upon hearing some great news from the Benin government recently. They have announced that they have put together a plan and budget that will allow girls to continue their secondary education free of charge. President Barack Obama once said “The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women.” An educated girl is a force for change, so we applaud our country for thinking of our girls, for thinking of the future of Benin. This change is one step closer toward the direction of making Benin great.

Girls are valuable and essential to the development and growth of our country. Because of this change we will have to enhance our scholarship package for girls. We do not know as of yet how exactly, since everything is still new and has not taking affect. As soon as all of the details are worked out we will inform everyone. Again we are very proud and encouraged as we will continue to work until every child in Benin gets a chance at an education for knowledge knows no boundaries.

Stephie Calixte is one of our volunteers.

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